Asics Zoomhash 110MHs PLUG AND PLAY

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110MHs Scrypt Asic PLUG AND PLAY

110MHs Scrypt Asic PLUG AND PLAY

Chip Specs
• Developed on 28nm using very low power design techniques and best efficiency.
• Custom IC package with power bars for low voltage, high current feeding.
• Configurable in daisy chain mode for distributed work with up to 253 ASICs.
• Standard SPI interface with CS pin needed to enclose all useful SDI and SDO data.
• 27 highly optimized hashing engines based on custom ASIC cells up to 1.6M.
• Built-in redundancy architecture to allow for bad engines to be bypassed without affecting mining operation.
• Flexibility to configure the PLL clock and computation performance.
• Hashing power of 1.6M in nominal and 1.8M in Turbo mode.
• Power usage of 10W in typical nominal and 12W in typical Turbo mode.
• Supply voltage of 0.78V in low power, 0.84 V in Turbo mode for ICs.
• No need for special cooling, just regular top and bottom heat sinks plus fan cooling.

The Device Specs
• A Total of 6 boards with 10 chips on each board, Total 60 Chips in a miner
• Size = 51cm—42cm—16cm
• Temperature = Runs cooler than the A1 miners

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