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Look & Feel

I have to admin they started good. With clean & nice lay-out on website, the colors are matching and are looking pretty nice and so is the name. straigh to the point. Overall I think the look & feel of the website will attract people that never been mixing because it has a nice overview without any facets which will distract you.

Design and usage of the design

The design is good; I think because of the fact they are using a design people trust and is very clean and professional. Looking more further they did design their content likewise. Not many articles which will distract you but very straigh forward and handy articles like a FAQ section which describes in short how the service works.

Great and fast support

The help button really helped me out, I did something wrong with the fee�s, I used the help button and boom they where responding right away and solved my problem. Which is something many sites lack. Personnaly this was the best thing i could mention. Sure a flawless service is good, but when a user encounters a problem having a fast support from a employee to help and guide you is the way to distinct a company from the rest. In this regard has already won me over.

Mixing your coins while staying anonymous

My first experience was very good, they helped me with something that went wrong and the support is fast and also very friendly, they take their time for you. I even never seen such a friendly and helpable support, within a bitcoin service till today.. The usage of the system is very easy, the mixer itself was on time and that was even with the lowest fee available. Overall I had a good experience with and I hope they continue this service with a outstanding supportg. For me, i can really recommend

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