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Review Crypto Directory

Crypto Directory, a bitcoin directory is a complete database with companies related to both Bitcoin and also Altcoins.

Crypto Directory The editors
Currently 12 editors are responsible for keeping the directory up-to-date. In which they are succeeding. Being into crypto for almost 4 years, Iíve never seen so many companies/ sites spread out in so many sections. Mining, bitcoin communities, news, online wallets, events. You name it, they got it! You will not only find the section but also many bitcoin related websites. Itís the perfect way for people getting into bitcoin to learn about bitcoins and gather relevant information and websites.

The directory
Like I mentioned the directory is very extensive and itís something Iíve never seen. Even the directory hasnít so many links of websites. Navigating through the directory I found many companies Iíve never heard about and with the editorís help of information gathering; itís easy to see how long a website/ company exist. With their sophisticated tools, itís even easier to find what you are looking for. Find specific exchanges which list certain altcoins? Or find exchanges sorted by fees. Itís ingenious.

Shopfinder has a special shopfinder tool which makes the directory even better. With the Shopfinder tool you can find any Webshop that accepts your favourite altcoin. So if you got some spare BlackCoin for example and donít know what to do with them. Visit CryptoDir.comís shopfinder tool and find in an instant which online webshops accept blackcoin.

Crypto Directory Altcoins
The Directory surprised me even more with an extensive altcoin section. In it you will find the most complete information from all altcoins. Small or big, all information is there. The altcoin page offers more and organized information, then Iíve seen on the coins own announcements page. A great job done by the editors of

Either way, if you are are new to or already settled in Bitcoin, you should see and checkout It's the most extensive directory till date, with a lot of fancy tools and links spread out into many sections. I bet you will find more links here then in any other directory.