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MaxCoin is one of the most secure crypto currencies, both because it's based on next generation encryption, SHA3, but also because it's 'open source'. MaxCoin's software is open to inspection and improvement by the best security minds on the planet so that it's mathematically secure. If you don't like paying bank charges, if you don't like the way money is created by banks at no cost to them, and then loaned out to us with interest, then MaxCoin is paving the way to a new money. Open, transparent, and free of charge.

  • Website: Maxcoin
  • Algorithm: Keccak
  • Maximum Supply: 100 million total coins.
  • Block Reward: 16.00 coins
  • Block Count: 929,464
  • Re-target every 1 block(s).
  • Block Time: 1.00 minute(s)
  • Launch Date: February 06, 2014

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