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Welcome to Lycancoin, one of the world's first three cryptidcurrencies! Lycancoin, part of the Vampirecoin & Zombiecoin trinity, is the world's first digital currency designed for werewolves (lycanthropes) and werewolf enthusiasts. Merging the monstrum, cryptid world with cryptocurrencies, Lycancoin strengthens and advances the adoption of cryptocurrency into new market segments. Lycancoin is built on the philosophical foundation that any technology which introduces new users (mortal or not) to the world of cryptocurrency only strengthens the adoption of cryptocurrency by the mainstream public.

  • Website: Lycancoin
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Maximum Supply: 4,950 million total coins.
  • Block Reward: 2,970.00 coins
  • Block Count: 234,902
  • Re-target every 48 block(s).
  • Block Time: 2.50 minute(s)
  • Launch Date: February 09, 2014

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