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Krugercoin is designed to be the digital currency of the future. Krugercoin runs off the popular scrypt protocol which enables it to have stability for early adapters and users by operating from regular existing computer hardware. At the forefront is our blazing fast speed. Your transaction will be fully confirmed in about 60 seconds or less.

Our major goal is to become the crypto-currency of choice for merchants and consumers for their everyday transaction, whether it be a cup of coffee or a bigger ticket item. Our speed and security makes all of this possible. KrugerCoin is also based on sound money principals which makes it the smart choice for wealth preservation. It is designed to appreciate in value over time, unlike paper currency. This is due to the fact that only x coins will ever be produced. These advantages are what makes us the leading choice for users.

Krugercoin Price $0.000033 USD per KGC **
Genesis Block Created Wednesday, June 19, 2013 15:48:20 GMT
Icon Krugercoin (KGC) Cryptocurrency
Name Krugercoin
Symbol / Tag KGC
Krugercoin Wallet download
Github / Source Code Github
Forum Bitcointalk
Krugercoin Wallet Version
Client Version
Get Info RPC
Version: 70005
Protocol Version: 60001
Wallet Version: 60000
Status Unhealthy
Connections 8
Hash Algorithm Scrypt
Proof-of-Work Scheme Proof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued 265,420,800
Block Time 15.00 second(s)
Block Reward 32.00 coins
Block Count 2,102,112
Krugercoin Difficulty 0.3097
Difficulty Retarget 2,016 blocks

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