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Galxycoin is a descedant of Novacoin, it uses both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. It is effectively resistent to 51% attack. It provides steady coin supply at 64 coins per block, for 8 years. The difficulty retargeted each block, with the last 10 blocks average, this ensures a fast adjustment to the network hashrate, while maintaining a stable transition. The total coins mined will be 538,214,400 coins.
Galaxycoin has a fair start and zero premined, making it one of the best of the altcoins exist today.

  • Website: Galaxycoin
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Maximum Supply: 538 million total coins.
  • Block Reward: 64.00 coins
  • Block Count: 406,194
  • Re-target every 1 block(s).
  • Block Time: 30.00 second(s)
  • Launch Date: July 07, 2013

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