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Cryptobuck (BUK) has streached out the set of features including POW & POS scrypt algorithm.Cryptobuk team is continue to support the Crypto Community by joining a Rock Solid Team which uses CryptoBuck Currency. This marks the beginning of a new link, between Team CryptoBuck and You.It has linear difficulty adjustment and uses TOR proxy hidden services. It generates 1 block every 3 minutes and has 3 % interest rate for the stake (30 days maturity).any one can download and Install this QT Wallet and it will turn into a Reward called BUK’s. And also remember: CryptoBuck is “Valued More than a coin!”.

  • Website: CryptoBuck
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Maximum Supply: 10 million total coins.
  • Block Reward: 33.00 coins
  • Block Count: 17,361
  • Re-target every 1 block(s).
  • Block Time: 3.00 minute(s)
  • Launch Date: September 25, 2013

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