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BlackCoin started of as a Proof of Work / Proof of Stake hybrid coin for its initial coin distribution. It has now become a pure Proof of Stake coin. Wallet holders do not need to have their wallet open to earn the 1% compound interest from Proof of Stake.

BlackCoin features the following specifications :
Proof of Stake
- The first PoW/PoS hybrid to become full Proof of Stake, thus making BlackCoin not mineable.
Quick Transactions
- Proof of Stake makes transaction confirmation much quicker (~10 seconds).
Energy Efficient
- BlackCoin is completely Proof of Stake and there is no need for miners to conduct mass ASIC or GPU mining.
Extremely Low Inflation
- Wallet holder will receive 1% in compound interest on a yearly basis.

Algorithm Scrypt
Block time February 24, 2014 (6 months ago)
Difficulty retarget every block
Block Time 1.0 minutes
Discussion Forum
Available/Total Supply 74.7 Million / 100 Million
Facebook Likes 3573
Twitter Followers 6643
Reddit Subscribers 3336
Average Users Online 13
Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 0.2
Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 3.39
Code Repository Stars 54
Subscribers 39
Forks 57
Issues 14
Merged Pull Requests 2
Contributors 2

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