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Bitshares-PTS is created by Invictus Innovation, a company based in Virginia, USA. Bitshares-PTS was previously known as Protoshares. Its name has to be changed because Protoshares is a registered trademark of a prototyping software company.

Bitshares-PTS is a new form of cryptocurrency where holders of this coins are promised a stake in future Distributed Autonomous Corporations (DAC) created by Invictus Innovation and other developers interested in rewarding Bitshares-PTS shareholders.

Bitshares-PTS holders have been rewarded with 1% stake in the relaunched MemoryCoin 2.0. One of the DAC that Invictus Innovation will be launching is Bitshares. Owning Bitshares-PTS is a way to own BitShares before they are launched. When BitShares is launched, its genesis block will award BitShares for every Bitshares-PTS held.

Hashrate ?
Block Time 5.0 minutes
Discussion Forum
Available/Total Supply 1.71 Million / 2 Million
Facebook Likes 4357
Twitter Followers 4029
Reddit Subscribers 460
Average Users Online 2
Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 0
Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 0
Code Repository Stars 82
Subscribers 62
Forks 34
Issues 12
Merged Pull Requests 5
Contributors 4


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