Asics ZeusMiner VOLCANO 300Mh/s

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ZeusMiner VOLCANO 300Mh/s

ZeusMiner VOLCANO 300Mh/s

The Specification

  • 300Mh/s @ 1000W
  • Next Generation Chips (1.2 Mh/s per chip)
  • Perfected heat and noise control
  • State-of-the-mining-art design
  • PSU not included
  • 1200W modular 80PLUS Gold or Platinum PSU recommended
  • Worldwide delivery starting: End of Q4, 2014
  • Shipping fees may apply
  • Import duty and taxes may apply

Next Generation Chips

With ZeusMiner next generation chips-each one of which can compete a Blizzard X3 (1.2 Mh/s), Volcano is able to maximize the hashing power while minimize electricity consumption. You all know in mining industry, chips are always the key. Each time a miner sees a revolution; there is an evolved version of chips. It applies to Volcano too because its excellence is supported by our secret weapon-ZeusMiner GEN III chips. 300 Mh/s at only 1000 Watt, this weapon is truly powerful as you can imagine.

Technology Innovated

Some of you or your wives are still complaining about how loud and hot your miners are. Good news for you is that Volcano brings more technological innovation in noise and heat control. Don�t worry if they�ll become even noisier and hotter with such a high hashing power because they WILL NOT. Thanks to the intensive R&D work of ZeusMiner technical team, Volcano will hash away much quieter and cooler supported by innovative technology.

Unprecedented & Unbeatable Price

Pay only $1,699, and you�ll get 300 Mh/s hashing power. Do the math yourself and that�s a little more than $5 per Mh/s. We doubt if you can find a lower price in the world. Not to mention we are cutting another $100 for the first 500 units ordered. That�ll make your cost per Mh/s even lower. And taking as well the electricity consumption of Volcano in consideration? 1000 Watt-the normal power for a 20 Mh/s miner to support 300 Mh/s? Tell us how excited you are!

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