What is bitcoin?

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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a software system for payments designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in year 2008, officially launched as open source software in year 2009. It records payment in ledgers with the use of unit of account known as bitcoin. The payments operate as peers without an administrator or central repository, and it was tagged as decentralized virtual currency by the US Treasury. Though it is argued to gaining a currency status and it is often referred to as digital currency or cryptocurrency. Bitcoins are used for rewarding payment processing work whereby computer ability is offered by the users to clear and record payments in the public ledger.

The exchange activity of individuals or company for transacting and created bitcoins that was recently launched is called Mining. You can exchange bitcoins for fiat money even without mining; it can also be exchanged for products and services. Bitcoins can be sent or received electronically with options for transacting fees by making use of wallet software via Personal Computer, mobile applications or mobile devices. Merchants and growth making use of bitcoin as a payment form for products and services are rewarded to collect digital currency because of reduction in fees below 2 to 3% which is levied by processor of credit cards. There has been warning from Authority of European Bank against bitcoin for lacking consumer protection, different from credit cars whereby fees can be paid by the buyer and a vendor. Chargeback on bitcoin are quite possible and can be stolen.

Most of its users are speculator not giving too much room for commercial purpose, making the price increased in a volatile manner. Bitcoins can be used for illegal dealings and it is under the subject of scrutiny. About 144,000 of bitcoins were seized by the US FBI on Oct. 2013, from an online black market on Silk Rd. Public Ledger is the most essential part of bitcoin which is used to record financial transactions in bitcoin. There is no interruption from any authority making it achievable in this process where ever there is decentralized mining. Bitcoin software controlled by computer server allows for multiple intermediaries. Connecting via internet with servers makes room for anyone to join. Transactions between 3 pairs can be forwarded to the network by available software applications. Transactions can be validated by bitcoin and they will be transferred to ledger the ledger can be broadcasted to other servers.

The transactions are recorded in a file on a computer acting as public ledger and its known as the block chain, can be used by anyone. Bitcoins can be in printing form just like any other paper money, can be created by many people making use of computers around the globe by mathematical problem solving machine.


It can be used electronically for purchasing goods or services. Bitcoins can be related to a conventional paper money that can be traded digitally. The major influence and distinct characteristic of bitcoins from other currency is because of its decentralized authority, can be said autonomous. It is not controlled by a single institution but can be restricted in an area. This makes some people rest minded that their money is free from control from bigger authority or banks. Rules of bitcoin states that maximum of 21 million bitcoins can be created by miners. Though there might be division of bitcoins into smaller segments, while 100 million bitcoin is the least of bitcoin and it is known as Satoshi named after the creator.

Gold and silver are the basis of the conventional currency, the transaction are calculated mathematically. There is lots of software programs used for managing bitcoins mathematics in its production. The formulas are available for anyone that wants to check.

Below are lists of the Characteristics of Bitcoins

- Decentralized: It is autonomous, lacks control from any authority or banking institutions. The machines and network used in processing bitcoin works together, causing free of meltdown point or decision to deprive people of holding a bitcoin.
- Easily set up: You can open an account with conventional banks, and set up required details in less time.
- Transparency: Transaction details are stored in general ledger also known as block chain. Addresses can be easily announced publicly, but you can avoid this by transferring bitcoins to a single address and changing your bitcoin address often times.
- Little Transaction charges: you might be charged 10 pounds for international transaction but bitcoin does not charge fees.
- Fast: Money can be sent across the globe in few minutes, in as much that the transaction is processed by bitcoin network.
When bitcoins are sent, it can’t be reversed, unless the bitcoins are returned by the other user. There is much to know about bitcoin, and how it can be mined, so as to be clear on what to do and what step required.

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