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Taas - Token as a service


TaaS is a revolutionary project that allows investors to capitalize on the rise of block chain markets. This business model does not involve all those technicalities barriers that are associated with transferring or trading crypto currencies. For you to have the clearest picture of what the project Taas is all about, you need to have very good knowledge on what the block chain is Block chains is a peer-to-peer database that maintains a list of Records called blocks. The blocks are linked by state-of-the-art cryptography which secures the data This makes alterations virtually impossible. The first block chain was conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 as a key component of the digital currency bit coins where it serves as the public ledger for all transactions. The invention of block chain for Bit coin inspired entrepreneurs all over the world to design crypto currencies and tokens for other decentralized applications. There is a unique chance for enthusiasts, early adapters and professional investors to join this project not just ideologically, but also financially.

What makes the TaaS project unique?

The traditional investment funds pool capital from individuals and then attempt to produce consistent capital. This is how the traditional model operates. The drawback of old economy however is that investors have to rely on management's trustworthiness and credibility to make sure they get the value of their money. Taas allows any investor to capitalize on the rise of block chain markets without dealing with technical barriers associated with owning, transferring or trading crypto currencies. TaaS is the first ever tokenized closed-end fund designated to crypto currencies. TaaS tokens are built on a profit-sharing smart contract that utilizes its cerium technology. Every three months, a smart contract rewards token owners with fifty percent of TaaS fund profit. An additional twenty five percent is reinvested back into the fund allowing net asset value of token growth overtime.


How does the Taas model work?

The closest real-world example of the TaaS model is a closed-end fund. Just as a company going public, a closed-end fund offers its shares during the first offer to the public.


The best thing about the TaaS project

The obvious expectation that every investor will be looking for is transparency. The Taas project has built an innovative cryptographic audit technology. Cryptographic audit is a complex software the monitors trading activity and hashes data onto a block chain. It makes possible for anyone to validate Taas trading history and portfolio balances. The TaaS project is a revolutionary model that is one of its own as far as investment in crypto currencies are concerned.

The Goals TaaS has announced

  1. Proof of Reserves

    We will give preference to using exchanges that have Proof of Solvency (PoS) implemented; cold storage reserves can be audited, as in Poloniex and Kraken.

  2. Auditable Exchange Accounts

    For each account that is going to be used for trading on the exchanges we will create a view-only API key that will allow anyone to verify the balance and trade history of the account. We believe that this does not increase security risk, as it is already known that exchanges are managing large volumes of cryptocurrency and we have an account with every major exchange. TaaS will be hosting an audit page with full list of API keys and aggregate account information, automatically pulled from the exchanges by our service. It looks similar to Tether implementation.

  3. Proof of Reserves for Non-Exchange Accounts

    For all non-exchange accounts, such as cold storage addresses, that will be used for storage of our funds we will provide a proof of ownership: transaction with special marker in OP_RETURN (or similar feature, depending on a blockchain protocol) will be sent from each account in order to verify that the account in question belongs to TaaS.

  4. Proof of Reserves for Fiat Accounts

    We will use TLSNotary or similar solution to provide a cryptographic proof of fiat currency reserves in our bank and exchange accounts. In short, this can be achieved by recording SSL signatures of online banking sessions.

  5. Regular Blockchain Snapshots

    To have the proof that nobody mismanaged data between the audits, a special smart contract will be developed to hold the daily snapshots of audit data forever. The contract will be supplied with a convenient contract explorer.

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