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Spondolooies SP20 Jackson

SP20 Jackson

PSU Recommendations

The SP20 were tested in our lab using�Seasonic SS-650KM and�Corsair�CX750M. Each unit using 2 PSU.

You may choose other power supplies. The following considerations should be taken into account when selecting a suitable power supply for your SP20:

  • The power supply must be ATX compliant, or a power supply approved and supplied by Spoondoolies-Tech.

  • Maximum power output � each SP20 requires 1152 W RMS continuous power. Spoondoolies-Tech recommends adding a 20% margin to handle power peaks.

    You can use combinations of power supplies to power the unit, such as 4 x 360 W, 2 X 720 W or 1 x 1400 W, by connecting the power supply/supplies rails to the SP20 accordingly.

  • Rails � most power supplies provide several outputs known as rails. The rails connect to the SP20 using the PCIe power connectors. Make sure that each rail can supply at least 200 W to prevent shut down.

  • PCIe connectors � the SP20 has four 6-pin (3x2) female PCIe connectors for connecting the power supply/supplies. Each power supply rail must be terminated with a suitable 6-pin (3X2) PCIe male connector.

  • AC power input - ensure that the power supply/supplies are electrically rated to operate with the AC power available in your location. The power supply/supplies efficiency determines the actual power drawn from the AC outlet.

  • Efficiency � power supply efficiency is the total output DC power divided by the total input AC power. The difference between input and output power is converted to heat that must be removed from the power supply.

    Efficient PSUs draw less power from the mains, thereby lowering your energy bill. In addition, they tend to be quieter as the lower heat dissipation reduces cooling fan speeds. Take into account that the efficiency of power supplies decreases with time.

    Some manufacturers have certified their power supplies for various rated loads using the 80 Plus certification program. You can use the 80 Plus certification as a guide for efficiency.

    Note also that in some cases, two smaller power supplies may be more efficient than one large power supply.

  • Noise � larger cooling fans (usually above 12 cm) make less noise than smaller fans as they can spin slower to push the hot air out of the PSU. Some PSUs also automatically adjust fan speed according to the PSU temperature: the cooler the PSU, the lower the fan speed.

  • The power supply must support OPP, OCP, OTP, OVP, and UVP.

  • Connectors must have current rating of 8A per pin to meet the SP20 max consumption.

  • Wires should be 16AWG and 30cm long max.

  • Cost � once you have found efficient and quiet power supplies that can supply the power needs of your SP20, you can compare process and buy the most suitable power supply at the best price.

Technical Specs


SP20 - Jackson

Effective Hash Rate

1.7 TH/s � 10%


Total 8 Spondoolies-Tech RockerBox ASICs


TI Sitara 1GHz (based on Beagle Bone Black)

Controller Board OS

Linux (embedded)

Mining Software

cgminer with custom plugin


D 381mm; W 130mm; H 147mm�


Single 10/100 Ethernet port


1 X 120 mm

Power Supply

Not Included��

Power Connector

4 * ATX PCIE��

Input Rating

12�V DC

Nominal Power Consumption

1200�W With a 0.9 Efficiency PSU

Ambient Operating Temperature

0 �C to 35 �C

Emissions Compliance


Safety Certification


RockerBox ASIC Specs

Process Node 28 nm
Package Type 19mm X 19mm FCBGA

Serial protocol with clk, datain and dataout

Rated Hash Rate

Rated hash rate: 200 GH/s per chip, with a wide range of overclock/downclock options

Rated Voltage 0.7 V, recommended voltage range is 0.63 V - 0.8 V
Power Consumption 0.34 W/GHs in typical corner

Supporting Software

Spondoolies-Tech endorses and believes in open-source. Our goal is to help advance the mining industry by contributing to open-source mining projects. Here is the list of projects that Spondoolies-Tech products use including the relevant code patches done by our R&D team:


Units are shipped according to the order in which orders are received. Orders are only considered complete once full payment has been accepted and acknowledged. All orders are insured and delivered by DHL.

Note that local fees such as customs may apply and are not covered by Spondoolies-Tech.

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