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Review Crypto-Games.Net

Crypto Games The Quality of the website is just outstanding. Pleasing to look at. Quick to be understood and managable. A very exceptional site I must say. I am Very, very pleased. Packaging/Design of the website also looks super good although still simple. Wish all websites like this were this fantastic but honestly I haven't been able to use a website like this nearly as good!

The features of the system also explain themselves pretty easily so it's not hard to actually understand what to do in order to gain some BTC or bet the BTC you can withdraw. I like the structured tabs on the right side of the website. Tabs for the Jackpots, Top Players, Statistics are very interesting to look at and also you can actually notice that people do get paid, even an extremely high amount of BTC so this website is definitely trusted and worth using.

A personal touch
The website support is quite outstanding, a personal way to contact them is via their e-mail adress or their personal website especially for supporting their users. So the owner/s of the website do seem to keep up a great connection to their users which is key in order to build up a successful site. At least I think that it's how it goes.

What I also did notice really quickly is the fact that not only you can bet your BTC but you can also bet your Litecoins, your Dogecoins, your Gridcoins etc. So this website was not only made for BTC users but also supports users of other platforms or other crypto currencies.

Crypto Games Payout and Withdrawing
So, I personally played and bet my BTC on this website a few times now and withdrawing BTC to the account or to my BTC wallet has never been a problem. It all went smoothly and very quickly which is why I was excited about it and very happy whenever I was able to draw in my easily made earnings.

Overall I would recommend you give this website a shot. You can play to bet on a fair level while using the dice system or chosing between the slot, blackjack and lotto system to get into a different feeling and not always just roll the dice only. If you do look forward to more of your virtual coins, definitely check this website out. You will not regret it!

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- Since August 2014
- Biggest Faucet: starting 1000 statoshi up to 20.500 satoshi every 3 minutes
- Four games: Dice, Blackjack, Slot, lottery
- Over 260 million bets
- Progressive Jackpot on dice
- Best paying referral program (25% of the house edge of every bet made by everyone you refer is added to your balance.)
- Advanced dice autobot betting
- Promotions: Happy hours with 0% house edge and Blackjack competition
- Faucet levels: 0 - 35
- Instant deposit: NO confirmation needed!
- Provably fair
- Investments on 8 coins
- Secure your account with 2FA

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