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When it comes to Dice and Gambling�s games there are plenty of websites, but for the enthusiasts of Roulette there are not many. That is off course if you are into bitcoin and want to earn and play with Bitcoin.

There is no doubt that in today�s world the use of digital currency has become popular. In fact, some people have acclaimed that Bitcoins, which is an excellent crypto currency might eventually replace the hard or physical money, especially when transactions are done over the Internet. This is because of the deregulatory nature of the Bitcoin, along with the fact that it is because of this bitcoin's potential has grown and banks have copied the technique behind Bitcoin. Well there were camps that were against Bitcoin, today it's not like that anymore. The technology behind bitcoin is working and companies are working hard to embed it into their system.

Since bitcoin is an online thing, it was not hard to see gambling sites pop up. Having said that, it's no surprise there are over 100 of online gambling sites and casino's that accept bitcoin as deposit and withdrawal method. Bitcoin is the fastest and most safeguarded way to transfer money, easy, cheap and anonymous to anybody in the world. One of those gambling sites is which I will be reviewing today.

Gambling online with
What I find very special about is that only offer 1 game to play: Roulette. A strategy that is unique since most casino sites offer various games for users to hop to. But not with CoinRoulette. What I do like is their deposit methods are not limited. Next to bitcoin there are various altcoins which you can deposit and play.

The website is designed towards it�s goal, efficiently and easy to navigation through. The user will find handy buttons to perform actions: f.e. deposit or even better cash out. With the site offering a username and password without an e-mail makes it really unique. Bit coiners are famous for staying anonymous and with you can play anonymous.

An annoying item on the site is it auto refreshes every X time of seconds. This is very annoying. The management should consider making it a choice by offer a pause button, or made sure to not refresh when you are making an action on the site (like entering a bet, or making an account). is Provably fair which means it can�t be manipulated. The player can verify bets with a �server seed� which makes it unique and not manipulated. F.e. like we found here. The gameplay is pretty much how you would expect it in a real casino, which makes it even easier and better to play.

The site itself seems to be quit new but I had no problem using it. It�s looks trustworthy, unique and most important it is fast and easy for users to play with. No annoying ads or chats which keeps your mind from the game.

Just Roulette how Roulette is mean to be. But as a bonus, it�s online and you can use your bitcoins. If you are into roulette, it may become very much worth your while to have a spin at