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Zetacoin is a SHA256 based cryptocurrency, which is the same hashing algorithm used in the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It features high speed transaction time and difficulty adjustment with a yearly inflationary rate of 1 million coins.

It is hoped that the inflationary coins would keep the Zetacoin network strong instead of depending on paying miners via transaction fees.

  • Website:
  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Maximum supply: 160 million ZET + small yearly inflation
  • Block target: 30 seconds (20x Bitcoin)
  • Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment)
  • Block reward: 1000 ZET, halving every 80640 blocks (about 1 month), not dropping below 1 ZET (inflationary)
  • Maximum supply: 160 million ZET + small yearly inflation
  • Based on latest Bitcoin 0.8.99 source
  • 60 million coins will be mined in around first year.
  • Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary). This small inflation is a better incentive to keep the network hashing than purely transaction fees.

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