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As crypto-currencies make their way into the mainstream of the world, privacy is of an increasing concern.  What is accepted by vendors one day can easily be illegal to own the next.  StealthCoin aims to provide an end to end privacy solution via the Tor network.  The Tor network has proven that it is secure from network analysis and is the standard for keeping your network traffic private.

Stealthcoin uses the X11 algorithm which secured the network by uses applying multiple rounds of 11 different hashes (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo) there by making it ASIC and multi-pool resistant.

We are aiming to make StealthCoin the primary private currency over the next six months.  We believe this is possible for the following reasons:

StealthCoin has a fair distribution

  • There will be nearly four hours of low reward blocks so there can no massive instamining like some other coins.

Tiny Premine

  • There is only a small premine of 1% to fund future feature development. 
  • Energy efficient

  • After a reasonable Proof-of-Work (�PoW�) period, StealthCoin will switch to proof-of-stake (�PoS�) to take advantage of the long-term energy efficiency of PoS mining.  Which is considerably less wasteful than PoW while keep the network secure.
  • Anonymity is our top priority

    • StealthCoin is dedicated to keep your coins private.  We're not stopping here!

    • Stealth coin is the first of its kind: PoW and PoS combined with Tor anonymity.


    • Algorithm: X13
    • Symbol: XST
    • Block Time: 60 seconds
    • Total PoW Time: 14 days
    • Total PoW  Supply: 23,273,860 XST
    • Last PoW Block: 20,420
    • PoS Interest: 20% annually
    • Coin PoS Age: Min. 3 days / Max. 9 days / coins stop aging at 15 days
    • Premine: 1% to fund future feature development





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    StealthCoin Explorer


    • RPC Port:  24240
    • P2P Port:  24241


    Mining Pool


    Desktop Wallet StealthCoin Daemon Stealth Relay StealthText App Windows Windows Windows StealthText v0.33 OS X OS X OS X   Linux Linux Linux  

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