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Razor is the next evolution in cryptocurrency that offers enhanced privacy and security features. Taking anonymity and privacy one step further, Razor utilizes the TOR network to connect clients. Implementing this concept with current anonymous transaction innovation we plan to create the first truly private currency. With current implementation it is possible to remain as anonymous as you would like. The network will be supported through scrypt PoW. We have chosen the scrypt algorithm because we believe ASICs can strengthen the network. We feel it is still in a stage everyone can participate and still have the best of both worlds.

he two main ways to get Redcoins are by Mining them, or trading them. 
All transactions are stored in what�s called a blockchain. Redcoin miners are people who are giving their computer power to support the redcoin network, compute the mathematical equations and store the blockchain. They are paid what�s called "mined coins". Depending on how much computer power they give to the network, determines how many coins they will receive. 

Mined coins are generated 50-150 every 1 minute. Also, every time you send coins, you pay a small transaction fee (0.001%) this is also paid to the miners. If you want to mine Redcoins, you need a computer with at least 1 good Graphics card. Although it�s possible to mine Redcoins without a graphic card, just with CPU power, it�s about 20 times less speed of using a GPU card, so this is why most people would use GPU. 

Privacy Centered
Razor was created with privacy being the focus. We wanted a coin that had features built in to protect your identity, more than just masking a single transaction.

End to End Encryption
Razor utilizes the TOR network, an open-source utility trusted by millions to help protect their privacy.

Identity Protection
Razor breaks the link between the end users and the rest of the network, allowing users to transact without revealing their location.


  • Maximum Supply: 2,000,000 (2 Million)
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Premine: 0%
  • Block Time: 75 seconds
  • Re-targeting: KGW 
  • Block Reward: 100
  • Halving: every 10,000 blocks
  • RPCPort: 9393




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  • P2P Port:  11631
  • RPC Port:  11632


Hash Link Dedicated Pool Dirty Diggers
IPO Miner P2Pool Coin King
Instant Miner Chunky Pools Pool.Pe
DiggerPool Coin Mine  


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