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Primecoin is a peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency created by Sunny King (also created Peercoin). Primcoin differs from Bitcoin in that it implements a scientific processing proof of work system. Miners give out processing power not to do menial pointless task like Bitcoin or Litecoin, instead those processing powers were used to help search for chains of prime numbers composed of Cunningham chains and bi-twin chains. The finding of prime numbers can then be used for numerous scientific and mathematical applications.

Primecoin also features a high speed block generation time, fast transaction confirmations, smooth difficulty adjustment, and a self adjusting block reward.

Genesis Date July 7, 2013 (about 1 year ago)
Hashrate ?
Block Time 1.0 minutes
Discussion Forum
Available/Total Supply 6.96 Million / ?
Facebook Likes 227
Twitter Followers 3494
Reddit Subscribers 1606
Average Users Online 3
Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 0.06
Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 0.2
Code Repository Stars 223
Subscribers 62
Forks 56
Issues 21
Merged Pull Requests 10
Contributors 7

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