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When the coin was launched on January 21st, 2014, Joel Yaffe and Nick Iversen made up the whole PotCoin Team, essentially there was the coin itself and some standard wallet software put out to the internet. Growth exceeded expectations and as the coin itself grew, so did the team behind it eventually leading to the creation of PotCoin Systems. PotCoin Systems has since shown exciting results in our bid to cement a position as leader in the cannabis and cryptocurrency communities:

  • Algorithm: PoW Scrypt
  • Maximum Supply: 420 million
  • Premine: First 55 blocks where mined for checkpoints
  • Retarget: 107 blocks
  • Starting difficulty: 0.000
  • Reward Halving Interval: 840k blocks (~4.20 years)
  • 24/7 Support via email and IRC
  • Miners ideas are taken seriously and implemented
  • Automatic Payouts

  • Facebook Likes 7262
    Twitter Followers 4012
    Reddit Subscribers 1734
    Average Users Online 7
    Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 0.1
    Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 2.61
    Code Repository Stars 16
    Subscribers 22
    Forks 9
    Issues 7
    Merged Pull Requests 2
    Contributors 2


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