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The rise of cryptocurrency to mainstream, which we believe is just getting started, has fascinated and consumed us from the moment we got involved. Like many who get involved with this movement we have concerns regarding the current economic system, the major players involved, where society as a whole is headed (both socioeconomically and technologically), and how we will meet the massive changes and challenges we feel are coming. We believe that a sound, distributed, decentralized and secure means of digital exchange done at a global scale is a noble pursuit.

  • Website:
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Block Target: 60 seconds
  • Difficulty re-targets approximately every 30 blocks.
  • Maximum Supply: 15 billion coins.
  • NobleCoin supports transaction messages.
  • Block average payout is 5,000 coins.
  • 50 confirmations are required for minted blocks.
  • 5 confirmations are required for transactions.
  • Transaction time of less than 30 seconds (often much faster).

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