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Goldcoin is a great name meaning"value" to billions of people Worldwide. Our multi-pool resistant client is innovative and secure with an integrated 51% attack defense system. Goldcoin is a genuinely unique coin, not just another litecoin clone.

  • Website:
  • Blocks every 2 minutes
  • Coin supply* 123 million coins will be available
  • Difficulty adjustment* 60 blocks
  • Hashing algorithm Scrypt
  • Reward 45 coins per block

  • Facebook Likes 301
    Twitter Followers 543
    Reddit Subscribers 98
    Average Users Online 2
    Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 0
    Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 0
    Code Repository Stars 7
    Subscribers 8
    Forks 8
    Issues 1
    Merged Pull Requests 0
    Contributors 0

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