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We proudly announce FastCoin, the fastest stable transacting cryptographic coin so far on the market! Fastcoin is a clone from Litecoin, using scrypt. Fastcoin is the fastest blocking litecoin clone, still low difficulty, evenly dispensed coinbase. It has the best altcoin name, brightess future, and now is an activity developed and supported coin. FastCoin actually solves some real world issues, speed for retail, speed for convenience, speed for piece of mind and satisfaction. Less than 12 seconds and you will be confirmed and written into a block.

  • Website:
  • 12 seconds block target
  • 4 confirms per transaction.
  • Difficulty re-targets every hour. Using accelerated re-targets at the beginning (similar algorithm as that in Luckycoin), so to eliminate instamining.
  • Total 165,888,000 coins
  • Connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527

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