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AsiaCoin was created a hybrid crypto-currency with 2 weeks of PoW (Proof of Work) mining followed by PoS (Proof of Stake). With the release of the patched wallet, PoS will continue while mining is only possible via multi-pools that pay out in AC.

 Initial pre-mine by the original developer is voided in the 2.0 wallet after community takeover. All exchanges updated to our new wallet release. The original developer cannot spend his pre-mined coins anymore. All other coins are safe. Due to past misfortunes, the new source code has been vetted and reviewed rigorously by multiple security experts, coin developers and all exchanges.

Asiacoin was launched on april 16 2014 and uses the scrypt hashing algorithm.

    • Algorithm: Scrypt
    • PoW + PoS
    • Block Time: 60 seconds
    • PoW Phase Block Reward: 10,000 AC
    • PoS Phase Staking Rate: 100% annually gradually decreasing to 1% per annum over 3 years
    • Min Stake Age: 14 days
    • Min Transaction Fee: 0.001 AC
    • Max Coins After 10 Years: 336,394,784 AC
    • Max Coins After 100 Years: 823,707,260 AC
    • Initial Distribution: PoW period of 2 weeks
    • No IPO
    • Zero Pre-mine / Hidden Pre-mine invalidated after wallet v2.0
    • Launch Date: April 16, 2014 16:00:00 (GMT+00:00) UTC

    • Facebook Likes 64024
      Twitter Followers 162904
      Reddit Subscribers 87037
      Average Users Online 223
      Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 2.00
      Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 83.6
      Code Repository Stars 991
      Subscribers 173
      Forks 435
      Issues 297
      Merged Pull Requests 273
      Contributors 56


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