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There are lots of ways to get free Bitcoins. It does not matter whether you are new to using Bitcoin that intends to fill your Bitcoin wallet, or finding various means of earning free Bitcoin with just easy tasks. Some sites gives you access to be rewarded of free Bitcoin, some might require you to view ads, and you might need to respond to captcha challenges of some or crowd sourcing funds for some. The websites may be of no use if you have not used Bitcoin before, the first thing is for you to have Bitcoin wallet just like a debit card. You can sign up for a Bitcoin wallet on using Coinbase, it is considered reputable and reliable majorly for Bitcoin bank. You will be allowed to receive and save some Bitcoin without stress just like other financial institutions, and you can also transfer the Bitcoins whenever you intend. Coinbase can also be used to purchase or sell Bitcoin for USD.

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WebsiteFree bitcoin
8Coin Get every 10 minutes 100 to 200 satoshi (999 satoshi maximum), pay attention because recording costs 10,000 satoshi but if you guess correctly you'll free up (paid quickly).
999dice 100 to 200 satoshi every 10 minutes (up to 999 satoshi), recording costs 10,000 satoshi do a good bet and get up for free. Get free, bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin (hint). Get free bitcoins (paid quickly).
Bbcoinfaucet Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha.
Bitcurl Click here for 300 satoshi each hour.
Btcalot Get free bitcoins by filling captcha. (paid quickly)
Btcrew By clicking on the ads you will get free bitcoins.
Bitcoin4you Earn bitcoins by visiting websites for one or more minutes, sometimes 18 + Sites! Daily bithit, get 2 per uBTC submit!
Bitcoinfaucet Earn 150 satoshi each hour.
Bitcoinzebra Win and receive 100 to 1000 satoshi each hour (equal odds).
Bitvisitor Earn bitcoins by visiting different websites, 100-600 satoshi every 5 minutes.
Bitcrate Earn free bitcoins due to open the crate (it does not work consistently) Earn 25 to 1000 satoshi each 45 minuten. By clicking on the ads you will get free bitcoin.
Bitcoins4me Fill in your adress and you will receive free bitcoin Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha.
Bittoclick Get free bitcoins Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha. (hint).
CoinAd Earn bitcoins by visiting websites. Stay up to 10 sec on the page.
Coinbox Get free bitcoins
Coinpearl Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha. Sign up for free and get free bitcoin and many other coins (hint).
Dailyfreebits Receive each 6 hours 100 to 1200 satoshi!
Earnfreebitcoins Earn bitcoins for visiting websites, make sure to stay on it. Sign up for free and get free bitcoin and many other coins (hint).
Earnbtc Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha.
Earn-free Get free bitcoin (paid quickly).
Freebitcoinsfast Get free bitcoins door een captcha in te vullen.
Freebitcoins Get free bitcoins (paid quickly).
Freebitcoin Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha.
Freecoinbit Get 100 satoshi each hour. Get free bitcoins.
Freebitcoinz Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha.
Getbitcoinsquick Get 100 satoshi each 30 minutes (paid quickly). Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha (hint).
Luckycheckin Win each 5 minutes up to 0,03 BTC!
QoinPro Register for free and get some bitcoins, litecoins etc. everyday for free (you have nothing else to do!) (hint).
Raincoins Get free bitcoins by filling in captcha (paid quickly).
RenaFaucet Claim 5 to 700 satoshi each hour, no captcha.
Smurfcoin Get free bitcoin by filling in captcha (paid quickly). Register for free and earn bitcoins, dogecoins and other coins free (hint).
VisitBit Earn bitcoins by visiting websites. You have to stay 10 sec to 60 sec on the page.


BITVISITOR: they pay you Bitcoin for visiting the website. It displays to you the website for five minutes giving you access to check the site and you will be rewarded for every site you visit. You might be required to enter a captcha between the websites.

COINTUBE: It is a simple and easy service giving you opportunity to earn free Bitcoin by just watching videos and you are required to fill in the Captcha.

BITCOIN GET: The website is used for crowdsourcing Bitcoin. Meaning that when you open an account, you may have to complete some certain tasks like web tasks and watching videos while you get rewarded with Bitcoin for so doing.

I WANT FREE BITCOINS: This website pays Bit coins to you for completing some required tasks. One of the tasks may include playing games online, filling a Facebook survey and with lots of various options supported by this website.

COINVISITOR: The website gives you Bitcoin for taking views of websites and filling captcha challenges. It only required you to watch the site for just 10 seconds, and you earn your reward making it a good option to consider.

BITCOIN 4 YOU: This is also a viewing website, after which you have to view the site for 3 minutes, and be rewarded with a small portion of Bitcoin for every site you view.

RAGATU: This is a question and answer website and rewards the person that his answer is chosen.

BITCOIN SERVICES: This is a game neat website; you may choose to open an account, enjoy playing games, and get rewarded of small toke of Bitcoin. You are allowed to play a game per hour.

CAN HAS BITCOIN: This is an hourly website and tends to be a little bit funny, you are required to enter your Bitcoin address, fill in some captcha challenges and be rewarded with Bitcoin.

FREEBITCOIN.IN: This is an amazing site, after you have registered; you are allowed to play the game each hour, giving you an opportunity to earn free Bitcoin. Playing the game requires you to fill in the captcha check, after rolling the die, and you can either win a small or large amount of Bitcoin.

BITCOIN DISPENSER: This is a lottery site without charges. You are required to fill in you Bitcoin address after which a random winner would be selected, and the winner would be give all the donated Bitcoin funds. It gives a chance to win a reasonable amount of Bitcoin but it is not frequent.

BITCRATE: This contains game of Bitcoin where you break a crate and earn some Bitcoin. The site frequently updates but they quickly run out of time which makes them infrequent.

THE BITCON FAUCET: This is an exciting game, and works as a pot where people donate Bitcoin, and when the pot gets filled, a winner would be selected from the users. The pay is tangible and it worth playing.

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