Buy and sell on The Rock Trading

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Buy and sell on The Rock Trading

Buy and sell on The Rock Trading

Ripple is both a currency (XRP) and a payment method. It allows a ripple user to send a payment in any currency to another user, as long the user has enough credit and/or a path trust. Transactions are instant, almost free and non reversable.

How are deposits or withdrawals handled at TheRock? Deposits from ripple, both in XRP or any currency handled by TheRock (BTC, LTC, EUR, USD, SLL) are automatically registered, if you correctly send them using the link provided (with a DestinationTag defined) or you have registered your ripple address into your Rock account.

Can I send BTC withdrawn from TheRock to Bistamp via Ripple? Yes, you can, if there are enough market makers inside Ripple. Inside Ripple there are several currency exchanges, where users can try to trade IOUs of a particular issuer for XRP. When trying to send therockBTC IOU to bitstamp, the system will try to sell therockBTC IOU for XRP and then use those XRP to buy bitstampBTC IOU and then send them to bistamp address.

The Rock Trading

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