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Buy and sell on Btctrade

Buy and sell on Btctrade

Webs Introduction
Founded in Vancouver, Canada in April 2013, BTC TRADE ( made its official debut in the following May. In June 2014, we launched our international version, which affiliates to Coincloud(HK) Techonology Co.. Operating in China but with a deeply embedded global perspective, BTC TRADE has always been striving for providing our customers with a world-class trading platform experience. Our elite technology team consists of former employers of MSRA, ALIBABA, CISCO, 12580 etc. and constitues the foundation a stable, safe and consistent trading service, which we are proud to offer to our customers. On the other hand, BTC TRADE also has a specialized customer interaction team that works exclusively on service model optimization.

Thanks to the confidence and support of our customers and partners, BTC TRADE has made to one of the largest Bitcoin trading platforms. For the time being, we have a registered customer body of 250 000, a regular daily trading volume over 50 000 Bitcoins and a total value adding up to 600 million yuan (approximately 75 million in euro). To guarantee a superior trading experience, our site is armed with the state-of-the-art servers and supporting facilities that run smoothly despite enormous influx of trading orders.

The introduction of banknotes reformed our financial system and consolidated the modern society, here at BTC TRADE, we firmly believe that Bitcoin is the pivot force in changing the way we trade and the way we settle transnational transactions. We look forward to hearing from you.


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