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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure with EncrypoTel


The whitepaper tells more about the solutions that Encryptotel has offered to the problems and challenges we have been experiencing in the communication world. Encryptotel has made the Whitepaper freely available to everyone to download from their website. The aim of the whitepaper is for you to know the scope and vision of EncryptoTel and it's application that allows users to make VoIP calls and connect using various devices such as Android SIP, 3CXPhone, Zipper, xlite and much more). However, with the help of new technology and Artificial intelligence, Encryptotel has identified many challenges in the communication network and offers solutions in a way that will suit your needs. So when you download the Whitepaper for knowledge sake, you will be fully be updated on how EncryptoTel is the solution to VoIP calls and secured communication.

EncryptoTel We know that Telecoms market is one of the fastest growing sector leading to a reduced usage of legacy telephone system as new internet based technology are expanding and offering more significant services at a little or no cost and greater convenience compared to the older legacy telephone system. You can now communicate by video chat via Skype, Facebook and other platforms with your internet enabled smartphone at no cost. Now companies like EncryproTel of the new internet based technology has continued to flourish due to the high significant and convenient benefits they contribute to the Telecoms Market.

So what makes EncryptoTel Different?

Let�s go back a couple of years when services as Skype run the market. Be it for personal or business use, using Skype was the standard. For Voice over IP, but also Video over IP. The development as it is is good and with faster internet is works. We can�t deny that. However the major disappointments of services like Skype or WhatsApp are also there.

Be it a regular or less frequent user, you can�t deny the fact that your privacy is at risk. At any moment your information is open to the public. Hackers can easily navigate through online directories and find handy user information. With EncryptoTel that belongs to the past. Users can now do the same kind of things like before, but it�s way cheaper, stored in the Blockchain and from now on you won�t have to worry about your privacy. EncryptoTel allows users to be 100% anonymous, by providing handy tools to keep your privacy and more.

With EncryptoTel you will be able to pay as you go for services like calling, PBX etc. There is no Limitation as to where you can use it. Be it for your company or personal usage, the services EncryptoTel offers are multi platform. So there is no need, for buying an iPhone, android etc. With EncryptoTel it�s even possible to integrate it with very popular messaging services like Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Features of EncryptoTel



People tend to forget the importance of Encryption, and how surprisingly, the main feature of EncryptoTel is encryption. The Whitepaper shows us that the software will used encryption based on SIP/TLS technology for both service as client side applications. With that in mind it�s seems to me personally the promise of this project, having seen so many crowdsale�s is truly different. It�s attracting a totally new market and when it succeeds, it can count on a userbase

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